Apr 28, 2009

118- Creamcicle Tulip

Have I mentioned before what a wonderful neighborhood I live in? (Maybe only a dozen time times!) One of my nice neighbors told me that these tulips make her think of Creamcicles and she wants to lick them! (Apparently there are other tactile-licking-people out there! Wait, that didn't come out right... we don't want to lick tactile people... well... just weird I guess...)


I've been working in the yard for the last several days (Thursday, Friday, Monday and today) I am always amazed at how fast my stamina comes back. I have the front yard all set for spring, except edging the lawn... that job is always good for arm cramps for the next few days... where do those muscles go?

I've planted Dahlias and Clementius. I am excited for them to grow! I love the wonderful colors. I also have some orange trumpet vines that volunteered in my backyard last year (shoots from the neighbor's plant). I've put them on the fence on the north side of my lot. I am finally getting things down to a science with where I want my plants and where they will work. Sometimes I laugh and think I should put zippers on my plants because I keep changing them!

Ah, spring... what a beautiful season!

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Lillie said...

Aren't the spring flowers so much fun to shoot? I love them.