Apr 29, 2009

119- Just Girls...

I love traditions... they seem to bring a closer bond to those fun times that we get to spend together! Rebekah flew in today from CA to be here for BYU Womens' Conference. (This is her second year).

Last year Rebekah stayed with Camille in her *big* room... and since Camille just moved to another big room they are repeating the *sleep-over*. I am so glad these girls have each other. Sisters are the best.

119- the girls

One of our favorite traditions is to have dinner (or lunch or whatever!!) at Cafe Rio. It is just the yummiest. It is funny when you have regional restaurants... when I go to CA I can hardly wait for In n Out and Panera Bread.

119- Cafe Rio

I'm looking forward to the next few days with Rebekah here. My sister Ann is also coming to join us. Maybe someday Camille will be able to join us for Womens' Conference... but until then we will just enjoy each other.

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Jessica said...

You party animals!

My mom is here for Women's Conference, too. I can wike it.