Jul 31, 2009

212- Beatrix

Tonight I went to the Ward picnic up at Kelly's Grove, driving up in my little car, Beatrix. As usually happens I was one of the last to leave. As I walked towards Beatrix I was filled with appreciation for this little car that has served me so faithfully for almost 10 years! She's become such a good friend.

We've worn out the road between Palmdale and Utah; first in one direction and now in the other. She's been a freight hauler (you'd be surprised how much junk I can get in her trunk!) I've camped in her. I've laughed and cried in her. We've listened to HOURS of Harry Potter together. "They" say that her engine is good for 250,000 miles, so we are only halfway through our journey together. I like to say, She's cute, red and gets 48 mpg... it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

212- Beatrix

I suppose it's silly how we get attached to inanimate objects, but there you are!


Anonymous said...

That's how I felt about my 69 Red VW that I drove for 11 years. She was my best friend and I did all of the things you mentioned in her, well, all except camp. Boy, if she could of talked...Her name was Meni, short for menopause. Why, I don't know, just because.

Dean and Sheri said...

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and friendship. Things are getting a little better everyday.

I have mentioned to Dean for the past few years that I'd like to get a powder blue, convertable "Beatrix". He tells me to stop talkin' bout it and just do it. I don't know though...I like having cars that are paid off.