May 1, 2010

121- Here's Your Sign...

We have been experiencing winter since last Wednesday... but this pretty much describes our weather. I have awakened to snow on the ground each morning.

121- sign

The weather guessers say we won't see over 60 until next Saturday.

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Mom and Dad said...

Hey, JB. Apparently while we were visiting with you in the warmth of Utah county, we had 6 inches of snow in Elsinore, which loaded some trees and broke off limbs. That was Fri, so a pre-scheduled clean-up crew (they were going to do spring yard cleanup where needed) ended up doing nothing much but fallen branches. We had a bunch down in back of the duplex where all those elms are. So guess what we will be doing the first part of this next week?
So I love your sign. Spring is the only season where the weather can change 134 times in 24 hours!!
Love ya, hon!