May 2, 2010

122- Black Tulip

Last fall I found a wonderful bag of Princess Pink and Black tulip bulbs at Costco. I planted most of them in the backyard. They have been a bit slower in blooming than those in the front yard; they are also smaller. But look at this Black Beauty! I think I'm in love.

122- black tulip
FONT- Albemarle Swash, ACTION- DPMoms Perfect Workflow, BRUSH- RhonnaFarrer_2ps_SnapShot_Horizontal6, MCO_BohoFlourishes06, 17GrungeBorderBarsBrushSet, TEXTURES- Abstract1, Abstract2, OilPainting3

As you can also see I went crazy with some new textures from Jerry Jones over at Shadowhouse Creations (formerly Ghostbones now SkeletalMess). Jerry does such wonderful textures. (Gordon just saw the thumbnails of Jerry's textures and asked, "Are those pictures of the volcano eruption?" I like that... a very fitting description.)

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Mom and Dad said...

My tulips seem to get bigger, the longer the blooms are out. They start kind of small and then grow every day as they are open. The yellow ones in front are now about the size of my 1 cup measure. Maybe if it stays cool, your Black Beauties blossoms will grow too. Watch and see!!