May 6, 2010

126- Desi

Desi is Camille's bestest friend since kindergarten; both of these girls have two sets of parents. She is another one of our non-biological family. I talked to her earlier and told her that her dress was nearly finished and I needed to do a fitting. My plan was to go up there, but she surprised me and came to me instead. She was my sweet little guinea pig! We ended up needing to take her dress in (a lot!) but that is OK... taking in is easier than waving my magic wand and making more fabric appear (never does work for me!)

So here she is... my sweet Desi showing off her *beautiful* bridesmaid dress. Isn't she so cute?

126- desi

Speaking of bestest friends... my P is here! Yay! We've sequestered ourselves here in my playroom sewing up a storm. We made a serious dent in four dresses. Oh, I am so grateful for my family!!


Woodworth Family said...

Sooo darling! I love it, I think Desi looks too darn cute, Im wondering if I can have one too, but after the wedding of course and I dont care how long it takes well maybe if you have a pattern maybe I will try to make one myself...hmmm. Oh and I have a chocolate fountain a really nice three teired one if you would like to borrow it for the reception. I will see you tomorrow and I will try to remember to ask you. love you:)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Very cute dress! I like the tule...and I think more dresses/skirts should have it :)