May 10, 2010

129- Mother's Day... a Choice

Mother's Day can be a bit daunting if you choose to let it be so... but *this-day* I choose NOT to be daunted.

129- mother's day roses

This day I choose to rejoice in the mother who gave me life and raised me even though today marks the 33rd anniversary of her passing.

This day I choose to rejoice in the blessing of being a mother, even though motherhood is not always easy and sometimes thankless.

This day I choose to count my blessings for EACH of my children, those to whom I have personally given birth and those who I have come to love just as much as if I had.

This day I rejoice for my living (and those who have gone on before me) children who have called, text-ed or come to visit me and express their love and gratitude to me.

This day I am grateful for a loving spouse who supports me whether I am up or down, sad or happy.

This day I choose to be happy...

129- harley smelling roses

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