May 18, 2010

138- Rainy Day Iris

This morning when I went to the family room (which if a half-depth basement) to open the blinds this is what greeted me. There are several iris plants in this flower bed but this is the only leaf that gets the rain. It just makes me happy to look at it.

138- rainy iris

Now for a recap on yesterday...

I've always tended to be a hard worker (Edna used to say, "Gordon married himself one good mule!") But as I've gotten older (DeLoris reminds me I'm not 30 anymore!) I've learned to *pace myself*. I will literally say to myself, "That's another job for another day!"

But that 'nother-day needs to come eventually and yesterday was it! The weather forecast predicted rain today so I knew there were things I HAD to get done! I mowed and edged the lawn; which is not small task at my house. Then I needed to clean, weed and replant the island that lives in the front corner of my lot and the flower bed that encircles the globe willow in the back yard. (Have you ever noticed how this kind of job just keeps morphing into more work? IE- These Shasta daisies have just gotten too large for this island, I need to dig up, separate and transplant them to a different location.)

I just kept pushing until all of it was finished. I worked like one good mule, I'll tell you! I haven't been as tired as I was last night for a very long time.

But the wonderful thing about yard work is that you can work like a mule and that work stays done for quite a while! It's not like dishes or laundry that just wants doing again as soon as you finish; I suppose that is why I've always enjoyed yard work. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.

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