May 20, 2010

140- Flash-Back

Eighteen years ago I was busily preparing for another wedding... and I was in the thick of sewing just like I am now. It's funny how some things never change. As a mother I want so badly to do everything I can to make my daughter's wedding everything she hopes it will be. And for me that means sewing until I am literally dizzy!

The good news *this day* is that I've had lots more time AND help than I did last time. Auntie P helped me with the lion's share of the first 4 bridesmaid dresses. Yes, I did say the first 4 dresses... out of a total of 10 dresses... count them, 10! Oh, and a wedding quilt to boot.

So I ask myself, "Why do I do these things?" Isn't this taking *How hard can it be?* to a new insane level. Yes, but that seems to be my way!

When Rebekah was preparing for her wedding she was living here in Provo, going to BYU and I lived in Palmdale. I came up for a visit to assist her in picking out the fabric for her bridesmaids; six of them, that seems to be the number. The rub came in the fact that I would be coming back in to Provo in 3 weeks and needed to have all of those dresses finished so I could deliver them to all the girls. Oh, and a mock up of Bek dress before I cut into the $75/yard fabric!

So I started sewing like a mad woman.

After returning from my second trip to Utah I had to get earnest about the other sewing. I still had my suit to make, a sweet little flower girl dress for Camille and Rebekah's wedding dress. I was quite sure I could purchase suits for my two little boys; I'd seen them at Gottschalks! But when I went to Gottschalks, in a dizzy stupor, I found that they only carried boys suits *seasonally* for Easter. So I was off to House of Fabrics to buy fabric for little tuxs, tux shirts, complete with matching cummerbund and bow-ties. Yes, there must be something fundamentally wrong with me.

By the time I finished I'd made every outfit you see in this photo.

140- super mommie

But look at this radiant bride! She was worth every minute and every stitch.

140- beautiful bek

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