May 21, 2010

141- Where the Magic Happens

I realize that this photo is way below my creative norm... but you know what? This is my blog... and it IS all about me! Since this is where I am spending most of my time lately I wanted to capture it in all of its cluttered glory!

141- wr 1

I feel like this is a *Where's Waldo*-type contest. Can you find?
  • My family
  • favorite drink
  • Harry Potter on CD
  • Serger
  • Baby ironing board
  • Telephones
  • snacks
  • Can you identify all the things on the wall?

Here is the progress report...
  • Wedding dress- alterations completed and ready to go
  • MOB & Desi's dress- finished
  • Katie-Nana, Amy, Emmalie, Bek & Deidra's dresses- mostly finished (just waiting for my gathering foot so I can attach the 10 yards of tulle to each skirt... no kidding 10 yards!
  • Quilt- rows together, still needs long sashing to finish the top, oh and then the quilting.
  • Kristi, & Elise's dresses- cut out
  • Kaia's dress- still waiting for measurements

141- wr 2

1 comment:

Pauline said...

WHEW!!! Can't see the room for the dust of you rushing around doing all your projects. Just kidding.

love P