May 27, 2010

147- More Fun Tools

You know I'm a tool/gadget-nut (hmm... maybe more than just about tools and gadgets... maybe just plain nuts!) A bunch of years ago, maybe 15 when I first started doing serious quilting, I got an extra wide ironing board; it's 18" x 45". Since about the only thing I iron is fabric for quilts or flat quilt blocks that works just fine for me!

But have you ever tried to iron a tiny little dress on a ginormous ironing board? No? Well, it doesn't work- especially when you are trying to iron around the neck or armholes. But never fear! Several years before I left Palmdale I saw that Auntie P had this darling, little, baby ironing board (4" x 15") and I had to have one too! I don't know if she bought one for me or if I bought it myself, but it is just the pip for things like this!

147- elise's dress

You know, I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! I just hope it's not a train!!!

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Anonymous said...

Now you just need a baby iron. I have a pink one and it really makes ironing those little things real easy. Love the polka dot fabric.