May 28, 2010

148- Two of a Kind

Auntie P made a comment on yesterday's post that reminded me that I have this tiny iron; you know, to go with my tiny ironing board! As I remember it (and I will stand being corrected) I found it down at Corn Wagon shortly after moving to Springville. When Auntie P (and Rebekah) saw it they went nuts and I got them one as well, in pink for P and probably for Bek too.

148- tiny iron

I've been sitting here indexing with all of this rattling around in my brain; remembering how Auntie P and I were so connected at the hip when I lived in Palmdale (it just about killed us both when I moved away!) Rarely did one of us get something new without the other person NEEDING to have one too. I can't tell you the number of purses and wallets that we have that are alike.

Then a particular incident bubbled to the top and I laughed right out loud! P and I had gone to Target (what? no Wal-mart run??) this particular day. We usually shared a cart since neither of us were getting much and our purses would share the baby seat. We got up to the check out and I went first. I was putting my bags into the cart while P was being check out when she exclaimed, "JOAN, what is your wallet doing in my purse??" I wasn't her purse... it was my purse that looked just like the one she had hanging over her shoulder. Bwahahahaha... we laughed at ourselves... again!

Yeah, and don't even ask what happened the time P asked me to hold her keys while were in the car at the drive-up ATM. (Can you hear me laughing like a fool with tears streaming down my face?) Let's just put it this way... the people behind us weren't too happy when it took us 10 minutes to find the keys!

Oh... good times!

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Anonymous said...

Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd end...and guess what, they haven't.

You gave me a good laugh today. Thanks for reminding me.