May 29, 2010

149- Ladybug Toesies & Musings in the Garden

First off I have to share my cute ladybug toesies! I love the whole polkie-dottie toesies. When I hit on this idea I though they looked just like a ladybug

149- ladybug toesies

Now for my musings...

This is my sixth spring here in Utah on my little quarter-acre of heaven. Every year I reflect on how grateful I am for all of the work the previous occupants put into making this yard a beautiful place.

The flowerbed that runs along the back fence where my raspberries currently reside had a slight mishap, last year the center third of the plants died (I think my bug-guy inadvertently killed them) I decided I want to have hollyhocks in that space. I love them... they are another one of the flowers that my mom grew.

149- hollyhock seed
"Faith is like a little seed... if planted it will grow..."

As I was weeding and amending the soil I thought, "Wow, look how nice this soil is! Isn't it nice that the *previous occupants* put so much work into this bed!" Then it occurred to me that when I weeded this bed for the first time 5 years ago the soil wasn't like this. It was hard and full of rocks. Wait... WAIT... I've made this soil as nice as it is! That surprised me. I realized that I've put a lot of work and effort into the beauty of my yard and gardens. Me!

As I pondered on that fact I mused how similar this is to our lives. We all start with rocky, hard, poor soil but by constant work, removal of the rocks and amending our soil we improve. The thought brought tears to my eyes. Just as my little quarter acre has taken the work and supervision of the gardener. If we turn our lives over to the Gardener, He will remove the rocks and soften our soil making it fertile and able to grow those seeds of faith, hope and charity.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love the ladybug toes....but you knew I'd say that, right? :)