Jun 1, 2010

152- Nebo Loop

Yesterday Gordon and I went on the proverbial Sunday drive [except it wasn't Sunday! It was Memorial Day] We set out with plans to drive the Nebo Loop. We normally start in Payson and end up down by Nephi, but this time we decided to do it the other way around.

But, too bad for us, the road was closed at Devil's Kitchen!

This is Devil's Kitchen- also referred to as a Mini Bryce Canyon. I've always loved these unique formations. They were created when sand and gravel were buried and cemented to form the rock seen here which is called conglomerate. The red color is due to oxidation of iron within the conglomerate. Erosion has washed away much of the conglomerate.

152- devil's kitchen

We were able to get a beautiful view of Mount Nebo. Early Mormon pioneers named it after the Mount Nebo in Palestine. The name Nebo means "Sentinel of God". It is the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountain Range at 11,928 ft above sea level. (Just taller than Mt Timpanogos which stands 11,749}

152- mt nebo

Not too far from our turn-around spot at Devil's Kitchen we saw this poor blighted fir tree. Gordon said it looked like it was the Grinch's claw. I think he's right.

152- grinch claw tree

I'm always captivated by the stark beauty of burned trees. These were perfect specimens.

152- burned trees

And here is Red Rock Creek... very aptly named.

152- red rock creek
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Next time we will be able to make the full loop... it's always such an enjoyable drive.


Anke said...

Goodness Joanie, you live in a gorgeous part of the country! That rock formation is amazing looking, the color is fantastic! Wonderful shots, I really like the one with the tree in the foreground!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Goodness you find beauty everywhere auntie! And somehow you always seem to capture it (she says as she vows for the millionth time to get a better camera!!!).