Jun 2, 2010

153- Purple Salvia and the Bees

A couple of years ago I got two little purple salvia plants. I stuck them on my island in the front yard. The first two summer they were OK, but... BUT this year they've gone crazy- they are ginormous!

I went out just before sunset tonight and found the busy little bees still working like crazy to haul in that last bit of pollen before bedtime.
153- purple salvia & bee

This lovely is almost 3 feet tall... and it's only June!

153- purple salvia

Bees... happy little workers...

153- purple salvia & bees

Even though I have a zoom lens, I was still up close and personal with these winged little workers... they didn't seem to mind me at all. They were happy for their 15 minutes of fame.

153- bee close up


Anke said...

beautiful shots Joanie! I was out there yesterday taking the same kind of photos :) I tried to get some bees in flight but it seems that as soon as they take off they make a "beeline" which is impossible to catch (at least for me) How much fun to try though! Lovely photos as always!

Mom and Dad said...

My salvia is just coming out -- tight little flower heads yet. I love the blue color.
Enjoy the bees so much. Reminds me of the Michaelmus daisies in fall at home! I loved to watch the little insect people at work.