Jun 6, 2010

157- Awesome Sky

One of the things that I LOVE about living in Utah is our long summer evenings. This photo was taken tonight at 9:26pm...

Gordon stepped outside to enjoy the night air and called me to come out with my camera. "The sky is awesome!"

157- awesome sky

Summer arrived this week... I wonder how long it will last? Is it really here for good? I guess we'll see.


Mom and Dad said...

I think it is awesome that Gordie called you to get your camera. Think he may enjoy your pics as much as you do!
Isn't summer wonderful!!!

Anke said...

I agree with your sister, the fact that he called you out there speaks volumes! :)
Your photos are all gorgeous!! I missed taking one of my irises when they were in bloom, I can't believe it! Now the rainstorm we had ruined them!