Jun 7, 2010

158- Snickers

Can I just say for the umpteenth time... I JUST LOVE WHERE I LIVE!

Today I was sewing away up here (with Harry, of course) when I saw my friend go jogging around the corner and into the cul-de-sac with her HORSE!! Yeah... as in jogging with your dog! But this little filly is a miniature horse. How cute is she?

158- snickers

I grabbed my camera and hunted her down (like the wild dog that she is) up by the pond. We sat a visited for about half an hour while Snickers edged the lawn. My friend was telling me that they are now using miniature horses for seeing-eye-companions; they live longer than dogs.

Check out this video here. What a kick!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Nice! It totally looks like you are about to employ your seeing eye pony (with those dark glasses on auntie ;). Except now I want a service pony!!!

Mom and Dad said...

I just loved this post!
We had a girl speak for Mother's Day -- she had had horses as a kid and learned to take care of them. She talked like you, and I thought, "There is a confidence that comes from caring for animals." You are so lucky to have had that, Joanie!
And I can see that in this pic with the pony!! You just love it!