Jun 9, 2010

160- Blackie & his Mom

When I was a little girl I had the cutiest little book about three horses: Blackie, Brownie and Whitie! Original names, huh? I loved the wonderful illustrations of them cavorting all over the pasture.

Tonight we went on a little drive up the Left Fork of Hobble Creek Canyon* and saw Blackie and his mommie, Whitie.

160- blackie

Black appears to be quite a young horse colt (male). I can still see his umbilical cord and, well, his boy parts. What a sweet baby!

160- blackie & whitie

** BTW if you live up there your address would be: 1118 North Left Fork Hobble Creek Canyon (if you live on the north side of the road and South if you live on the south side of the road... ) What a kick!

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