Jun 11, 2010

162- Last Day of School...

I've been enjoying memories this week. Yesterday was my 40th anniversary of HS graduation. Today Tadhg, our 13-year old grandson, graduates from 8th grade. As I was mulling all of this over in my mind I laughed right out loud remembering my funny boys!

162- last day of school '96
June 6, 1996

Our *little kids* all went to Wildflower School (which, incidentally is closing its doors next Friday forever, so sad. Another CA budget-cut casualty). It was a wonderful K-8 school that had a year-round schedule. Since the student cycled in and out of class while the teacher taught for 11 months it was very important for the students to be responsible for their work. If they kept their homework, tests, and other assignments they could rectify a problem with assignments missing from the grade book.

I don't remember if this was the first year the boys started this ritual, but it continued, at the end of each year, until they'd graduated. They would turn each assignment into a missile, bring the large kitchen garbage can into the front room (which was normally kept sacrosanct) and lob all of their balled up papers into the can. It was so much fun they would often empty the can and do it all over again! (Note the pile to Stuart's right)

This is a scanned photo and you can see my little square-raised-dots showing the missiles in flight and reflected in the mirror.

Yes, good times and happy memories.


Anke said...

How fun is that! Doesn't look like their aim is all that good though :) I hope you made them clean it up!

Laura H said...

How sad about Wildflower closing. I hope Desert Rose made the cut.