Jun 15, 2010

166- Barking Dogs!

The printers, Copies Plus Printing Inc, here in Springville did an awesome job with the announcements! I took the files on a zip drive yesterday, looked at a proof this morning and at 3 pm got a call telling me they were finished and ready to be picked up!! WOW!

So Gordon and I stuffed envelopes (addressed yesterday) and I set out to deliver the ones here in our ward... on foot! I got organized the invitations by street, put them into my funny little tote along with my Sonic cup full of ice water, my roll of Scotch Tape and was off! We have a long skinny ward so a walk up and down every street is about 3.5 miles (excluding the *way up the hill parts). I should have put on my tennie-runners instead of my Crocs. Boy my dogs are barking!

166- barking dogs

After walking the flat part of the ward I came back home and asked Gordon to drive me to the *way up the hill* portions parts. I just wasn't into that much exertion this day! Good thing too... just as I was delivering the last 3 houses we got a good thundershower!

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