Jun 18, 2010

168- Camille's New Home

Today Camille moved into her new house today! What a wonderful event!

Wonderful in so many ways:
  • She's joined the ranks of home-ownership where one doesn't just keep paying rent out the window each month,
  • She and Kevin will start their new lives together in their own house
  • She gets to decorate the way she wants... no management group telling her she can't hang any pictures, use bed risers, etc,
  • And, my personal favorite, she won't be moving every 6-12 months to a new apartment!!!!

168- Camille's house

Welcome home, Miss Camille! We are so proud of you.


Our Family said...

where is this house located?

Jessica said...

Um, didn't you forget the most exciting part? Well, for me, anyway? She is my neighbor!