Jun 19, 2010

170- Allison's Wedding

Allison, my sweet *little* Allison, got married today! Oh, how I love this girl. I have a special bond with all of the Millers but Allison and I created an even firmer bond years ago when she would come to me for comfort. I frequently tell Allison that she is my hero!

We took a Utah-Palmdale road-trip together just after she returned from her mission in 2007. She told me that she grew up praying to be good and be happy. As you can see from her 1000 watt smile she has been granted those gifts.

170- Brad Allison Joanie

Millers have a large family... they are our version of *My Big Fat Greek* family with "47 first-cousins alone!" These precious babies belong to Anna and Dan.

170- sibs

And here are several of the boy cousins getting their heads together over an iTouch. It was great entertainment for them all.

170- little cousins

When we arrive later at the reception we found this pair fast asleep in the foyer... they are so much alike and you can see that familial love between these cousins.

170- cousins big & small

Dallas and Nancy just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this week. What a wonderful posterity they have. I am so glad that they have let us be part of their wonderful family.

170- Nancy & Dallas

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