Jun 21, 2010

172- Lawn-Grammie

You've heard of the lawn boy? Yes, well, today I decided to give him a run for his money... yikes!

My lawn has finally calmed down and only wants mowing once a week nowadays and I'm not fertilizing again until after the wedding!!

Camille's lawn needed mowing this day as well. Normally I would have left that to her fiancee, Kevin, but poor Kevin was up most of the night with the stomach flu! Since her new home is about 15 miles away from our house I decided that the smart thing to do was borrow Doug's lawn mower (he lives just around the corner and they are in the same ward... how cool is that?) instead of figuring out how to get mine up there in the back of my little Beatrix!

172- mower

Stinkin' Cow!!
Was that ever a mistake! It didn't even occur to me that Doug's mower wouldn't be a self-propelled number! I've definitely forgotten how hard it is to mow a lawn with out the self-propulsion!

I won't be giving the lawn-boy any more competition!

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