Jun 23, 2010

174- My Thoughts and Accomplishments

The first thing that I have to say tonight as I sit on my deck with laptop in lap is that I am so glad that I have my fun photo journal. I've enjoyed it so much. I can look back and see when things happen, peruse my good days and bad. I've never been this consistent before; I've been going strong for 19 months now. What a blessing.

I finished the last of the 10 (TEN) dresses today. Yay for little Joanie! I've been at it for 2 months. Lest you think me a very slow sewer (bwahahaha... sew-er, not sewer, pew!) I've taken time off for unnecessary things like yard work, moving Camille, working on wedding plans, piecing and quilting the *Bee-U-ti-full* wedding quilt and many more things that I can't even think of right now.

174- dresses

The first completed was my mob dress. I only sustained a 4 inch burn on the back of my left upper arm making that one (I backed into the hot iron! Ouchie!) After much angst and letting it hang around (hahahaha) I finally found a piece of beautiful lace in my stash to put at the neck which makes me happy.

174- mob dress

Without a doubt the most fun to make of the bunch were the dresses for the little girls. The *polkie-dottie* dresses are for Kevin's little girls and the black and green is for little Emmalie Camille.

174- little girl dresses

But the time I got to the last of these bridesmaid dresses I had the work-flow down pat. I finished the last one in just a few hours. And here they are... pretty maids all in a row. (See the white label? I wrote each girls' name on iron-on interfacing and pressed it on so I would know whose was whose!)

174- bridesmaid dresses

It is my hope that I will be able to eek out enough time in the next 2 weeks and 2 days to post a photo and some of my thoughts... but I'm not going to stress myself. I will remember the advise of the Psalmist, "Fret Not Thyself!"


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow! I so want one of the polka-dot dresses with a colored sash! Those are dang cute....esp with the little ruffly tulle peaking out the bottom! You are amazing auntie, to take on all that sewing yourself....phenomenal!

Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, all those dresses are so lovely . . . and the girls looked so pretty in them at the bee-U-ti-full Wadding!