Sep 17, 2010

260- "Scout, it ain't time to worry yet."

There aren't many books that I will read more than once (except the scripture, which is my daily sustenance!). But this is one of them...

To Kill a Mockingbird

260- mockingbird

Not only did I read it twice; I read it back-to-back. I love the characters. They were so alive and real to me. I love Atticus' statement, "It's not time to worry yet."

I've pondered how fitting that is in my life. Too often I will get worried about something and chew it over like Harley chews his rubber-squeakie-toys! But you know what? Most of the time... it ain't time to worry yet!

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Laura H said...

I think I mentioned before that I love To Kill a Mockingbird. In fact on Wed . I ordered the audio version for a friend at work. She hasnt read it since high school. I also found out on Wed that Harper Lee was a women, who'd thunk it???