Sep 28, 2010

271- Diaper Goal Surpassed!

I had no way of knowing that when I challenged the sisters in the Hobble Creek 8th Ward (almost 8 weeks ago) to make 300 diapers for Marie to take to Haiti that they would nearly double that number! But I will also tell you that I am not surprised!

We had 3 nights where we met at the church and worked like house-elves! We laughed, visited, sewed, un-sewed, ate and basked in the glow of doing good for people we don't even know. But countless more diapers were taken home and finished and returned.  Sisters made them by the dozens. Service is such a wonderful blessing!

Marie got those vacuum bag-thingies to suck all the air out of the diapers and pack them in as tightly as possible.

271- diapers

The airline is allowing each of the Healing Hands for Haiti team members to check 3 bags. Marie's are mostly filled with diapers but the others have medical supplies, crutches (yes, in the bags) and they were even going to try to get a wheel chair dismantled and in a bag!

271- luggage

The young women in the ward wanted to do something too. They spent several activity nights making these darling little brown-skinned dolls for the children.

271- dolls

Marie told me that there is an American lady who lives permanently in Haiti to help the relief efforts, Marie will talk to her and determine where the greatest needs are. I can hardly wait to see some of the faces of the recipients... it is my prayer that they will reach those babies, and mamas, who need them most.

Service truly is good for the soul!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is wonderful. Kindof wish our ward would do more things like that....though I'm fairly useless with a sewing machine :)

BGgarden said...

Your love for life and helping others shine through in your images. The texture on the image at the top with the fuzzy cotton in nature is my favorite.

Stopping back soon - I love seeing others who share life from the Midwest. Happy Autumn Blessings to you from Ohio.

Anonymous said...

The airport was a long story, but the diapers made it here. We have already given out most of the diapers. We teaching a pre-op surgery class for 9 parents with babies that have Hydrocephalus. We have given them many of the diapers. Later in the week on graduation day we will give the babies a doll and the moms a blanket. Diapers are also helping babies in Cap Haitian and Medishare.
love Marie