Mar 14, 2012


I've always been a DIY kind-of girl. If it involves some sort of craft I'm willing to attempt it...

Sports? Nope... not so much.

As a teenager this DIY talent quickly encompassed hair cutting. I lived in such a small town that there was one beauty shop and one barber. Pal gave great men's haircuts but the beauty shop... again with the not so much. So after several painful experiences I said, "I can do at least as well as that!" and started cutting my own hair, then my Mom's hair, then I married and started cutting my husband's hair, kid's hair... etc! It fell into the category of "I'm a pretty good copy artist". I watch how something is done, in this case, cutting hair and I can copy it.

All of that is background story for what happened in the last 24 hours.

SO... Rebekah's hair has grown exceedingly long, to her waist (but did we get a before photo? NO! not us!) and she was ready for something new. She wanted the wedged-backed-A-line-cut (a very professional name I'm sure). I got as far as the *cut off the 12+ inches of ponytail for Locks of Love* part and needed some input from a trained professional since I've never watched a wedge cut. So I called Desi and sent her a photo of where I was and she gave me some input!

After several cuttings (you can always take off more!) this is where we ended! Yay for Desi... Yay for little Joanie! Yay for Cute-Girl-Rebekah!

It's amazing what a little bit of info will do!

And look what a cute girlie I have!


Dean and Sheri said...

Holy amazing wedged-back-a-line, little Joanie! Looks FANTASTIC.

Our Family said...

Mom, that is a very hard haircut, and you did great!