Mar 19, 2012

The Dream Trees

Back in 2009, when I'd first started my photo of the day blogging, I had a very vivid dream. I was in Greenville and I was taking this photo...

When I woke up I was quite distressed because I knew I didn't have that photo. I even asked my niece, Cindy, if she had it, but she didn't either. I yearned to be there in my little hometown.

That yearning hasn't subsided over the last 3+ years so I decided to finally do something about it! Since I am on my *Grand Tour* road-trip (where I go to all of my family-places in California) I knew that I needed to go through Greenville and get some of the photos I've been yearning for.

But for tonight, as I'm tiredly writing this from my room on the 24th floor of the Nugget in Reno, NV (The Biggest-Little-City in the World) I give you my dream trees... I'm so grateful to finally have this photo.

I will be back in the next few days with all sorts of posts about my travels and finds when I'm not so tired (You know, I'm not 30 anymore!)

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