Aug 7, 2012

Daddy Says...

"You'll never cut yourself with a sharp knife!"


I wish that was true! But my experience would indicate otherwise. Since I keep my knives *nice and sharp*, just like Daddy taught me, when my knife slips, oops! I end up in need of stitches or, better yet, derma-bond and steri-strips.

This latest casualty happened at girls camp while cutting jalapenos. I got a seed under my thumb nail and when I went to flick it out with one of my other nails I made a fist and sliced into the side of my thumb! Ah well, I've done seen worse!

But you know this latest casualty (which has healed nicely, thank you Shannon!) got me to thinking about cutting implements and my affinity for them.  Again, I can give credit to my Daddy. When I was in my mid-teens Daddy got me a wonderful gift (that keeps on giving!)


How can you NOT love an array of cutters like this?

skim shot

Daddy taught me how to sharpen these babies...

butcher knife and sharpenter

The wooden handles have held up well since I don't frequently wash them in the dishwasher. But my poor cleaver... that's a different story!


Back in the day before microwaves I used to use this with a hammer to break apart frozen meat. If I could wind back the knife-clock I would do that one differently.

My very favorite pair of scissors that Daddy got me were my button hole scissors.

button hole  scissors

I don't use them often but I'm so grateful for them every time I do.

And my scalloped pinking shears? The are the best...

scallop shears

But how does one get these sharpened?

This, fortunately, isn't a cutter! It is my Mama's *spatulator*. I've been told that it started life longer than this but one day it got stuck in the beaters of the mixer and Daddy had to shorten it and make a new rounded edge. This old friend has spread enough frosting to cover the state of California!


These? These are of recent date. I got them at my favorite Bosch store in Orem. Yeah, see that green one there? That is the culprit. Now here's the funniest part... I grew up KNOWING these were called *Perry-knives*

paring knives

And I can't even bring myself to post photos of my knife drawer or stash of scissors! It's a bit of an obsession for me. I can never have too many cutters!

Just yesterday while shopping at *Bed, Bath and Beyond Linens* (just for you Auntie P) I found these babies! Whee-haw... another cutter!

titan peeler

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