May 7, 2017

Cover Down

We live at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon, tucked right up in a little area called Spring Cove (there's a spring-fed pond just 2-doors down from us). Usually the canyon breeze is just a delightful treat, bringing in a nice movement of air and the scent of wonderful things from the neighborhood. But ever so often that breeze becomes wicked and goes on the war-path... this is not the first, nor last, wind damage we've had. (Previously we've lost trees, fences and 60% of our roof). 

Last night I was concerned about the fabric of our deck cover as this is its third season and the fabric only lasts 2 season. But I've been dragging my feet buying a new one. I was not expecting to get up and find THIS!

Boy, am I glad I procrastinated!

I would not be a happy camper-ette if I'd just spent $120 that got shredded!

The wind just ripped those welds right apart! and toppled the whole thing! I noticed it pulled part of the down spout with it.

When I went out to get these photos I noticed that it also blew apart the solar lights from the gate posts.

I've been wanting to do something different to cover the deck... now I guess I have a clean slate, don't I?

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