Aug 5, 2009

217- Anne-Girl

Do you have "those" novels that you just love to read again and again? Aren't they just like an old friend that you've missed and it is so pleasant to get back together again?

A few days ago I got the urge to revisit PEI and that Anne-girl. I was first introduced to Anne of Green Gables produced by Sullivan Entertainment as a series on PBS. Rebekah was quite young, maybe 10-12, and we watched it faithfully each week. Being my reader-girl she'd also check the books out of the Palmdale library. I will never forget the angst I felt when the week's installment ended with Gilbert deathly ill. I COULDN'T STAND IT! I got Rebekah's copy determined NOT to wait a week to see what happened to Gil!

217- Anne-girl

It wasn't long before I knew we needed to buy our own copies of the Anne-girl books. As you can see, they are well loved. And where's my favorite place to read any time of year? Yep, curled up on my bed... ahh, I just love the luxury of it!


Dean and Sheri said...

I love Anne-girl, love the PBS series, love this post!

alexfrankie said...

My mom, Laura and I watched all the PBS series and then when they came out on VHS bought them. I think my mom still owns them. It was not until I was older that I actually read the book. What a wonderful piece of fiction. LOVE IT!!!


Laura H said...

Agree, great books and movies. I think Jackie and Gary Ballard got called to Canada mission and it includes PEI.

Skinner Family said...

This was my mom's favorite! When the grandchildren got old enough, they were invited to her "Anne" party. Mom was so proud when I played Josie in a High School play. I can't see Anne without thinking of her.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

And the reason I love them too? You and Bekah gave my mom and I our own copy...I don't think she ever read them, but I reread the whole series every year and find soemthing else to love. Usually it's Anne of the Island I adore the most, but this time through (and I still have 2 books to go) it was Anne's House of Dreams. Very special! Thanks auntie!!!