Aug 6, 2009

218- Busy Day

This has been a happy, busy day. I've got so many things to write about I wish that I could spread it out over several days... but what is the fun in that?

Camille teaches out in Saratoga Springs, which is on the west side of Utah Lake. She has the most beautiful drive out through the fields on winding country roads. She has remarked to me before that she frequently sees dead raccoons on that drive. Today I went with her to work in her room preparing for the new school year. We were driving along and there were THREE!! (count them THREE) dead raccoons all together. I quipped, "What was this, a mass raccoon suicide? Hey, turn around... I want a picture!"

"EEEWWWW, Mom, GROSS!!" So this is *Camille* from her Mood Swing Book...

218- disgusted

One of my tasks today was to create more signage for her room. This has been a work in progress... this is the third summer we've worked together on her room. (And each year she needs me less and less but lets me come anyway!) I created *Horton's Happy Birthday* for her birthday wall (I painted Horton 3 summers ago), *Class Rules* and *Reading Strategies* with cool scrapbook paper some mom had donated. I was thrilled when I found this whole pack of Basic Grey paper (what was that mom thinking??) So Horton got the Basic Grey. Ahh, but Horton is up his tree... HIGH UP HIS TREE!

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (or at school either!) Yeah, that is a chair on top of a desk!

218- do not try this

Now let's r-e-a-c-h way over here...

218- reach

Finally, this evening was Stuart's summer Chorale performance. This is the second semester he's taken a Chorale class. I was so impressed to see him make this stretch. It is all I can do to contain myself and not stand up and yell, "That's my boy!" (Well, not really, but I used to do that when he'd score in soccer!)

Yeah, Stuart is the handsome man, back and center, with the grey tie!

218- sing
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Jessica said...

What a fun and happy day. Minus the dead raccoons. I didn't need to read that. I almost lost my oatmeal. But the rest was lovely. I love those Camille and Stuart people. Well, and you, too, of course.

Heather said...

Dead raccoon photos are few and far between for a reason, Joanie. You silly woman you. :) Make sure you take a wide shot of the entire classroom, will you? I love designing learning environments and would be really insterested in it.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I LOVE to hear about your cute family...and am glad that you help Camille out each year, whether she needs it or not. And let me tell you that we always need help, whether or not you know it.