Aug 12, 2009

224- My Salute...

... to the Plumas County Fair... a border of petunias (but this one lives in my backyard!)


With all this thinking and writing about the Fair I remembered that I had some misc photos from about 1963 of me modeling some of my 4-H creations at the fair fashion show. I was also in the parade that day but the photo is so blurry that it is, well, sad, so it doesn't get gigantor treatment.

I don't know how my mom could even stand me... if I was looking at the camera I always was making a goofy face, yeah,that's if I'm looking at the camera. See the little girl with the cast on her leg and looking the WRONG WAY??? That's me, of course! (bwahahahahaha)

224- fair circa1963


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back. I miss the one way I have to feel connected to you each day. The way you feel about the Plumas County Fair and the memories are the same as I have of the Calgary Stampede except we had the chuck wagon races to. Nothing beats the excitement of a chuck wagon race. Well, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Mom and Dad said...

Yes, yes, the 4-H Dress Review, participation prompted indirectly by Mary Griener because she required "Blue Ribbon work" when we sewed. I always felt so gawky up there n
next to the Yocky girls. But know what?? -- A few years ago they had a RS fashion show and I knew how to model and turn -- felt pretty good too, even though it was a gag for some crazy program.
Joanie, thanks for the memories.
And Mom "stood" you because you were a nice, nutty, spunky little kid and besides, "Everyone loved little Joanie"!!!

Mom and Dad said...

Oh, and by the way, Auntie P -- I am so glad you have been a good friend to Joanie over the years when her sisters haven't been living very close by. Hope you are doing well, dearie . . .
Love ya, Ann