Aug 16, 2009

228- Happy Birthday Little Joanie!

What a fun "pig-pickin" birthday! This year my birthday coincided with the 3rd Sunday family dinner so we had a house full for the happy celebration. I wanted something that was yummy, easy and could be eaten with fresh salsa and guacamole. I came up with pulled pork... a whole crock pot full.

Pig Pickin' cake has become my new favorite (see the side bar for recipe, you'll have to scroll down a little). Yummy, moist, orange-y, cool! Mmmmm.

I'm so fortunate to have family nearby. But I've always been fortunate in the family department. For those of you who might not recognize this pose it is "Everybody loves little Joanie! Why wouldn't they!" I was so blessed to be born to a family who made me feel like I was the best thing that ever happened to our family. The older I get the more I appreciate that fact.

228- HB JB
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Gordon said this morning that this is my Heinz birthday... can anybody guess how old I am with that clue?


Anonymous said...

I know, I know, pick me, pick me...
I won't tell just in case the others don't get it.


Heather said...

Happy 21st birthday, dear Joanie!!! It is indeed a joy to share birth months. :)

Jessica said...

I hope your birthday was lovely for you. We certainly enjoyed it! We love you. On the way home, Doug was talking about how blessed he has been to have you in his life. We all feel that way. Happy birthday!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Silly auntie! That is a really good cake...made it for my mommy's birthday too. She can never really choose, just says, "Something light" and this fit the bill. Delicious!!!

Mom and Dad said...

I am so glad Lil' Joanie & Big Gordie came to Elsinore. So wonderful to see your little face, kiddo. Glad you had a good b-day and thanks for sharing the recipe with Sarie -- that WAS a good cake!
I feel so blessed to be surrounded with sweet, positive, fun(ny) people like you and Sarie and Wayne!!
Love ya!!!