Aug 19, 2009

229- Ashton's New Skirt

** I am playing catch up here...

Ashton finished her skirt today! Yeah for Ashton... it has been a several week project since we only have lessons on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month (yes, I know, this wasn't a Thursday, we had to reschedule)

It has been fun to teach Ashton to sew. She is such a compliant little learner. But it is more than that... I am no longer the *Mommie-enforcer*, I am the *Grammie-spoiler*. It makes all the difference in the world when you are teaching grandchildren. It's as if I already have several gold stars in my crown so everything is happy... does this make sense? Even if it doesn't I am enjoying teaching another generation of seamstresses.

229- Ashton's new skirt
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Jessica said...

And thank you so much for teaching her! She loves every minute!

Mom and Dad said...

Congratulations, Ashton!! Congratulations, Grammie!!
What a fun sharing time you have had!!
Love ya!