Aug 22, 2009

234- Busy Bee

This last week has been wonderfully busy! My niece, Cindy, and her husband, Brent, came to BYU Education week and stayed with us. It has been so nice to have them visiting here. I know that they were richly blessed for their attendance there.

Last night I invited all the local family to come for dinner and a visit. We didn't end up with all of them, but we had enough to have a wonderful time and stay up entirely too late visiting.

I had great intentions of setting up my tripod and getting a photo of all of us together but with dinner and visiting I totally forgot until it was too late to take it outside and people were already comfy and settled in visiting. I took some candid shots, but probably won't post them here... just know that I love my family and was so grateful to have there here visiting.

234- busy bee
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OK... one funny story on myself. We've stayed up every night until midnight or later visiting and last night was much closer to 2am!! This morning I woke up at 8 am and got up to close the windows. I saw that Ann and Wayne's bed was empty so I just knew they were up. I got dressed, brushed my hair and went downstairs to find that they had bailed out of their sinking ship (deflating air mattress) in the middle of the night and were asleep on the family room couches. BUT NOW I'M DRESSED... sad, tired Joanie...


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Joanie,
I've just bumped into your blog via Rosehaven Cottage.
Your blog is a pleasure for the eyes. I love the background and your pics.

Anonymous said...

That stinks! - Especially the sinking ship.

Dean and Sheri said...

Love the photo AND love reading about your family get-togethers. Now that our house is becoming increasingly quiet I think I know how wonderful those big get-togethers must be and how much they mean to you.
Love ya...

Sarah Elizabeth said...

It was a lovely time! And I wish you would put the pics on here! Doesn't matter what people look like, just that we were all together and happy! :)

Mom and Dad said...

Beautiful picture of your little busy bee self.
Wonderful get together. Those gatherings just keep getting better and better. Appreciated being able to visit and watching the kids being thoughtful of each other. Each one is so different, but ALL very NICE.
Busy Bee has done a superlative job of gathering family-people together. What a talent.
Thanks, Joanie.

Heather said...

Aww, love your stories, Joanie.