Aug 19, 2009

230- Grannie Annie's House

My sister, Grannie Annie (is that just the cutest moniker?) has lived in the same little town for the last 37+ years. Her little town reminds me of the little town we grew up in; there is just that very rural, easy feel when I go there. I've been visiting her there since 1975. I've landed at her house in happy times and times of greatest distress but it's always the same... I have the feeling that I am going home! There is just a wonderful quality to the light (I think not only physical light, but spiritual light) that resides in their home. Now that we only live 2 hours away I get to see her with greater frequency.

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Today we made a little (ugh... not so little with rampant allergies!!) down to her neck of the woods. We took the circuitous route via Black Rock, complete with dirt road, Millard and Minersville (Hwy 257 south from Delta) and ended up at Grannie Annie's just in time for dinner. We had a short 3-hour visit before having to leave for home.

What a blessing to have a sister so close...


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh! So adorable! I'm gonna need a copy of this one...whenever I get it there is always something weird in the away the fact that, yes, we are country folk.

Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, I remember your comment about the "light" from years ago and have often thought of you when I am in the backyard in the evening, seeing the light from the dining room. Your words have given me great enjoyment over the years.
It is always such a blessing to have you come to my little house, my honey!! Fun to have you and Gordie this week - What a wonderful surprise.
Love you!