Aug 27, 2009

239- Moustaches

Funny story...

Gordon comment this morning that Harley was starting to shift his loyalty and preference to me. I told him that he needed to just spend more one-on-one time with his dog. His response was, "You don't!!

I stuck my head around the door of the laundry room while doing my *everybody-loves-little-Joanie-why-wouldn't-they?* face.

He replied in humorous disgust, "That makes me want to take a picture of you and draw a moustache on it!"

I laughed and knew exactly what my blog post would be about today!

239- jb mustache

One of the reasons this was so funny is that Gordon used to think it was great sport to come home from work as an Air Traffic Controller with his permanent ink work pens in his pocket and draw moustaches on our little children!! I think he did it just to vex me and delight the kids! What a funny daddy! Here are my darling little cherubs in March 1987 with their Daddy-art faces.

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I just have one final question... where did these sweet little babies go?


Jessica said...

Cute babies. My Roxie looks like she belongs in that photo, she looks so much like the twinners.

Anonymous said...

What a funny picture. No forgetting what adorable little people they were. You just made me smile so big.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

The babies are all grown up...but happily don't sport the same mustachey faces as before! That'd be creepy, especially on Camille.

Heather said...

The kids are so adorable in the photo!