Aug 26, 2009

238- Say it's Not True!

When I caught Simba in one of my favorite poses I tried to think of all the different captions I could put with it...

(My Title)- Say it's not true!

Goodbye, cruel world!

I just can't look.

Oh, my achin' head (oh wait, that's my line!)

238- Simba

This old-man-cat just keeps getting older and skinnier. At 14.5 years he is a shadow of his former *grand-kitty-self*. Some days I think he is ok and then other days I look at him and he looks like he hurts. What's a mama to do?


Heather said...


What a sweet furbaby. I sense your pain....

Anonymous said...

Who tooted? HA HA He sure is a beauty even as thin as he is. Hang in the Simba.

Love you, auntie p

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Perhaps he is just playin' peekaboo? :) Poor little old cat.