Apr 6, 2010

096- Quilt Therapy

One of my favorite things to do is quilting. It fills up in me a need to create. It is an opportunity to take beautiful fabrics and fashion them into a new beautiful whole.

(My friend, Pauline, says, "Joanie, I don't get quilting! You take big pieces of fabric, cut then into little pieces and then sew them back into a big piece!")

My favorite quilt shoppe, Corn Wagon, is only 2.2 miles from my house. I went there today in need of therapy (and true to form burst into tears as I told the ladies I was there to look for fabric for a wedding quilt for my *baby*! Oh, sad, sad lady!)

But life is not without humor... this sign is on their front door! I love it!

096- quilt store sign


alexfrankie said...

Pauline's take on quilting made me laugh so hard. I love it. I love the sign too. Think I will post it in my house soon.


Mom and Dad said...

I love the sign -- so funny.
And Pauline has a point there.
But I still like to quilt when I can get the absolutely RIGHT design going.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love that! As long as they don't send them back to school afterward...I'm okay with that!

Anke said...

that's the best sign ever !