Apr 8, 2010

098- Quilt Design

So do you ever get to the end of the day and say, "What the heck have I done all day?" Well, I can tell you that I've been sequestered in my play-room all day long ciphering!

I've made quilts for each of my kids when they got married. (That is since I started to quilt in the mid 90's so my first three got short changed on that deal. Maybe sometime I will have to rectify that!) So with the upcoming nuptials I knew I needed to get busy.

This isn't the first quilt I've made for Camille (in fact I've lost count!) She's always had more input in the design process than the others. She tried to describe what she wanted and finally said, "You know, like the decor at P F Chang's!" Well, I didn't know! So on Tuesday she stopped by and took this photo for me.

098- chang inspiration

I pulled that baby into PhotoShop and started, well, shoppin'! I just love graphic design with PhotoShop! I monkeyed and played and ciphered until my cipherer was very tired... time to take a break or two or three.

Usually when I design a quilt I just pull out the graph paper and start sketching away and scribble my notes on the side. But I knew that this one was going to be a little more complicated AND I am going to be much more distracted (boy, ya' think!), so I knew I wanted to have some pretty iron clad instructions.

So I've spent the day creating a step-by-step pattern for *Camille & Kevin's Chang Quilt*. (I could take that puppy downtown!)

098- chang quilt

I'm thinking batiks. Now that I have all my yardage ciphered I can go shopping! Yea, fabric petting (no licking in the shoppe). I love to go to the quilt shoppe, or two or three! I'll be back tomorrow with fabric samples if I am successful!

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Anke said...

wow that is one amazing design!!! I imagine, that must have taken you all day to finish. Awesome!!