Apr 10, 2010

100- Sophie's Day

Today was Sophie's blessing day. (In our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our children receive a name and a blessing as infants; baptism doesn't come until they have reached the age of accountability, 8-years old.) Doug and Jessica decided to have this wonderful family gathering at their house (which I totally love!) Here's our sweet baby-girl.

100- sophie

I got permission from their Bishop to take this photo before the actual blessing. (I can see that I need to get a wide angle lens. I couldn't get the other priesthood holders.) Look how proud and happy the daddy and grand-daddies are!

100- blessing

Jessica asked if I would make Sophie her blessing dress. I've made them for all our grand-daughters. When I delivered the dress earlier this week I told Jess that I hadn't made a slip so she could put Sophie in a onesie or she could use the slip from Ashton's dress. Ashton grabbed that idea and the decision was made.

I borrowed a pleating machine from a friend and did the smocked yoke. This was a first for me but I am very pleased with the results.

100- dress

What a wonderful family! I'm so grateful that we are here close, can see them on a regular basis and share these special days.

100- family
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Anke said...

that is such a gorgeous family portrait, wonderful photo! The baby is just adorable!!!