Apr 29, 2010

118- The Demise of Lake Lewis

Two weeks ago when the city-works guys came with their ginormous vacuum truck... I knew this was going to be the demise of lovely Lake Lewis. What I didn't know is that it was going to be a *slow-motion* process!

April 14, 9:31 AM
118- vacuum

It was another 5 days before I saw them again. I was hopeful they might have forgotten about my lovely Lake Lewis. But, alas, they returned with their dreaded cutting machine. They cut out this big shape and then, you guessed it... they disappeared again.

April 19, 4:19 PM
118- dig

I heard them working up one street, but it took them almost 2 weeks from their first trip to get back to my corner.

Yesterday morning I could hear this scraping... what the chicken? I peeked out and here is this backhoe-guy grinding his tines across the asphalt. It was as bad as fingernails on a chalkboard.

April 27, 8:31 AM
118- scrape

He stayed at it until he finally popped up the edge and then it was easy to scrape up the *much too thin* asphalt. Hmmm, I wonder why this section sunk? But they only removed half of the cut out area...

April 28, 8:45 AM
118- dig

The city-works guys did this all knowingly; or they should have known! There was a big cold front and storm moving in. So they hurried in this morning with their hot asphalt to slap down half a coat to fill up part of the hole... in the rain!

April 28, 9:44 AM
118- spread

Oh boys, why didn't you wait until you could do the whole job in one week and do it right (I can just hear my Daddy asking that questions!) So here it is, steaming in the rain.

118- steam

And you know what? They still aren't finished.

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Mom and Dad said...

Well, you arranged this bunch of constuction photos very nicely -- probably nicer that the work progressed, hon.