Apr 21, 2010

111- Rainy Day Tulips

It is a typical spring day: raining one minute and sunny the next. I sneaked out just before enormous drops started pelting down (I got one splat right on top of my head) and captured my tulip island!

The deer have left my tulips alone since I put on the milk/egg/dish soap/oil/cayenne pepper mixture (imagine that?) but you can still see the gnawed off ends on some of the leaves. Tomorrow, after the rain stops, I will go dose them again and hope my *deer* neighbors will leave them alone.

111- rainy day tulips


Anke said...

beautiful! I love the angle of the shot! Tulips really only look good in a grouping, and this one is wonderful!

Dean and Sheri said...

YELLOW tulips are my favorite color of tulips. What a lovely photo...I needed a smile today and this post made me smile.

Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...