Apr 24, 2010

114- Spotty Violet

In my backyard tucked in a shady little corner is a patch of beautiful little violets. They come back every year right on the edge of the lawn. But today I noticed this lovely little spotty violet. Did it just mutate on its own? Most of the others are the normal purple. Happy chance.

114- spotty violet

Two weeks ago I mowed my front lawn for the first time. It was very patchy and not so green. The next day a traveling-aerator-guy came and made my lawns look like a pack of wild dingos had been there. The next day I fertilized with my new *secret mixture* (Scott's Turf Builder and Ironite). Then I let it snow and rain for much of the next two weeks. I know there are those who wouldn't like my version of getting to where I am today but I have a June lawn in APRIL!! I was grateful that today it dried out enough for me to mow. Look at that verdant green... I just love it!

114- tulip island

And lastly, can you believe this riotous display of tulips? They have just gone crazy this year. I'm wondering if my *deer repellent* is also a wonder fertilizer.

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