Apr 15, 2010

105- Spring Cleaning

Today was one of those days that we live for and thoroughly enjoy here in the Rocky Mountains. It was sunny and 70! How can you argue with that?

After mowing and edging the lawn I decided that the *job-of-the-day* was to rearrange my garden shed. It was on the property when we moved here; the previous owner had built several nice shelves and then this *cockeyed* boxy thing in one front corner that was good for nothing and only took up valuable space.

Ah-ha! DE-MO-LI-TION!! I got out my cordless drill to get out the big screw (where I could... some were badly stripped), my big sledge hammer and went to town! This is the demo debris and leftovers from my new beautiful fence (photos still to come after it is stained).

105- wood debris

I dragged out all of the junk, hauled the wheelie-bin over and started sorting and cleaning. Luckily, I'm not someone who tolerates clutter so it wasn't too bad. What it needed mostly was organization. (Notice the plum tree in bloom over the fence? I love it!)

105- shed before

I had several unsuccessful attempts to get all of the dirt and dust out of there.

First I tried the house broom; too slow.

Then I tried the push broom; too dirty! and the handle broke again (Notice it in the photo above? Bye, bye broom!).

Next up was the grass blower! BIG MISTAKE... all I did was create a giant dirt cloud that settled all over me and everything else in the shed. I'm surprised I can still breath.

Finally I brought in the hose... that should work. Right? Nope, the slab wasn't poured level or with a proper slope so all the water wanted to drain to the left side... I got my big garage squeegee and splashed and squeegeed until it was finally somewhat acceptable! Whew!

After a couple of hours I started putting things back in. My daddy taught me that if things have a place, and you KEEP them in that place, then you can find them when you want them! Novel concept! I had fun screwing in screws to hang tools from. I moved my big tool corral to the left side of the door where the silly box thingy was.

105- shed tools

Ta-da! All finished! The tools and ladder are off the floor, a place to park all the machines and carts, everything is nice and organized! Yay, little Joanie!

105- shed after

What shall I do tomorrow?

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