Apr 17, 2010

107- Dyslexics of the World UNTIE!

Can I just have myself a little rant here? Good, 'cuz I need one! I'll tell you that being dyslexic doesn't help my situation ONE BIT!

Holy-Stinkin'-Cow! What is wrong with me? Do I think I'm wonder woman or something? Apparently almost 58 years of experience with my *minimal brain dysfunction* hasn't taught me to, duh!... measure twice, cut once!

All of that being said; I have two words: SAMPLE BLOCK

107- C&K's chang block

IF I'd made a sample block first I would have realized that my two of my measurements were wrong even though the graphic illustration on my pattern was correct. I should know better! So last night I cut all of the burgundy and burnt orange rectangles 1" too small! Now I get to order more fabric. Bah!!!

OK, rant over... return to your previous activity of choice!

On a happy note-

I went to JoAnn's Fabric Daffodil Dash sale today and got all the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses and my dress at super discount prices. My crowning glory was *my* fabric: Baby Silk- Caviar (aka black) regularly $9.99/yard clearanced and then on sale $2.50/yard! I bought 10 yards! What a crackhead!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

It happens auntie! My bane of life is being left-handed. Apparently if you are left-handed you automatically use the metric system...I don't know what's up with that. But I KNOW you will knock out some amazing things...it's the auntie way!