Apr 20, 2010

110- Peach Blossom Time

It seems that spring arrived. The blossoms are popping out on every bush and every tree! And I love them. These are my early peach blossoms. Couldn't you just curl up inside that blossom for a fragrant nap?

110- peach blossom
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I went on a little spring explore in the backyard today and look what else I saw! These might look like dead blossoms, but if you look closely you will see tiny little apricot starts. Thank you... my prayers have been answered. I do believe I will have apricots this year.

110- apricots


Dean and Sheri said...

Aren't those blossoms just...lickable! I'm excited about our blossomed peach tree too.

Anke said...

your close-ups are gorgeous, my peach flowers are done with. Love the narcissus too, the texture is fabulous! I need to play around more with my photos, you do such a great job with them :) Did I mention that I love your name stamp? Well, I do!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love the little blossoms! I am glad it has not gotten cold enough to freeze the cute babies...and they are enjoying the moisture no doubt. My feet did not enjoy the puddles in my shoes yesterday, but the flowers will enjoy their little puddles :)