Apr 26, 2010

116- One Down...

and only 6+ more dresses to go!

I finally finished MOB dress... aaahhh! Lately I just don't like making dresses for myself. Skirts seem to turn out OK, but the dresses... not so much. (Of course that has nothing whatsoever to do with my stout build!)

Rather than bore you with my sad tale of woe about sewing I will tell you instead about Jean's hanger.

116- Jean's hanger

Jean was Auntie P's mother-in-law. After her husband died, she couldn't continue to live alone because of her Alzheimer. I went with Auntie P to help clean out their *coach* (mobile home) so they could sell it.

Jean was one of those ladies that saved EVERYTHING! Short pieces of string rolled into one ball, the pull-thingy off of orange juice cans, the orange juice can lids, twist ties, used and cleaned take-out containers... yeah... everything! (We encountered the same thing when we cleaned out my mother-in-law's apartment after she passed away.)

As a reward for this work Auntie P let me take a few things that would be special to me, a remembrance of Jean. One of the things I chose were some of these decorated hangers. The workmanship is superb. The largest of the little felt circles is only 1/2 inch wide. I can just imagine all the love that went into the making of these beautiful hangers.

Only *special* things get hung on these hangers so I suppose my MOB dress will get to live there for a while.

116- MOB dress


Anonymous said...

I love those hangers to. I'm glad they are special to you. Jean had a special bond with you so it was right that you had some of the hangers. They were made for her by her Aunt Louise who lived alone in San Francisco area until she was 96. I want to be that blessed with good health. Time will tell.

Dean and Sheri said...

Great "Up Close and Personal" perspetive with lovely backdrop!

Mom and Dad said...

Well, Joanie, I saw the MOB dress. The material is wonderful, and you did such a good job on it!
Silly me, I didn't notice the wonderful hanger. I just love those felt flowers!! How sweet.