Jan 30, 2014

First Grammie Bath

Perhaps it is because I grew up with only a bathtub (as opposed to a shower) but I love a bath... a nice hot bath!  I know how a tepid bath feels.


My theory is why would a little baby, who's been warm for the last 9 months want to be in a cold bath? I've always given my children and grandchildren very warm baths with wonderful results.

Miss Baby-Belle agrees with her Grammie. Whereas she was hollering before she got her naked little body in the water, once there she was perfectly content to soak in the warmth.

How precious is this?

This little girl has a look- she just gazes into my eyes and it goes right to my heart. I have the feeling she'd like to tell me so many things if only she could.

And the hair...



And here we are- Grammie and Annabelle. I hope this is the first of many happy baths to come.

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